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On September 7, the 7th Ningbo Micro Film Festival held a launching ceremony in Chengnan Academy, opening the global collection of works. The collection time of this work is from September 7 to October 31.

The 7th Ningbo Microfilm Festival was jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, the Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal People's Government, Ningbo Radio and Television Group, Ningbo Microfilm Association, and Ningbo Nottingham University, under the guidance of SFC, and undertaken by Ningbo Educational, Scientific and Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

At the launching ceremony, Hu Wenfei, Vice Minister of the Publicity Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, said that, on the occasion of welcoming the Twentieth National Congress, Ningbo Micro Film Festival, as a local independent film and television festival brand in Ningbo, has made an important contribution to the development of the film and television industry. In the future, we should base ourselves on Ningbo, look at the world, and strive for high-quality "import" and high-level "go global".


Hu Wenfei, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee


Poster of the 7th Ningbo Micro Film Festival


1、 Internationalization

This year's Ningbo Micro Film Festival continued the previous year's "Guest of Honor Plan" and selected Indonesia as the guest of honor. With the help of the east wind of the G20 rotating presidency in Indonesia, and relying on the cooperation between Ningbo Micro Film Festival (NSFF) and the two major film festival brands of Indonesia MINIKINO Film Week (MFW), the cooperation mechanism based on mutual film source delivery, mutual theme film exhibitions, and mutual visits of personnel is to strengthen overseas tours and improve overseas voice. During the period from November to December, the "Indonesian Guest of Honor Film Week" will be set up in Ningbo to let Ningbo audiences enjoy representative Indonesian excellent films.


At the launching ceremony, Indonesian Consul General Dining in Shanghai sent a congratulatory speech: New and old practitioners in the film industry of the two countries seized the opportunity to create wonderful works of art. And continue to build cultural bridges between the two countries, especially in the fields of performing arts, culture and entertainment, and film.

2、 Localization

Telling the "Ningbo story" well demonstrates the "power of China". In the collection of works, major themes such as common prosperity and beauty, Ningbo Binhai Metropolis were combined. Tell a good story about Ningbo through "creating and supporting high-quality products", and spread "China confidence" and "Chinese voice".

At the same time, in order to cultivate local short film talents, the Best Student Works Award is specially set up to encourage Ningbo students to create short films. This award is aimed at the works of college students studying in Ningbo or Ningbo foreign students. In addition, as a customized theme unit, the short video unit is not limited to drama, documentary or MV, and the duration is not more than 8 minutes. The topics are "common prosperity and beauty" and "coastal Ningbo". The content can focus on the rapid changes in material civilization construction, the inheritance of spiritual and cultural fields, the achievements in the construction of beautiful cities and towns, the beautiful way of life in beautiful cities and towns, or Ningbo's efforts to create a new situation in the construction of a modern coastal metropolis, welcome the 20th National Congress, and sing the praises of the new era.

3、 Specialization

Continue to do a good job of professional authority awards. Set up two units of short film and short video to collect works around the world. A total of 19 awards (13 awards for short film unit and 6 awards for short video unit) were set up, with a total bonus amount of 200000 yuan, including 50000 yuan for the "Golden Conch Award for Best Short Film".


Mou Yingwu, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of Ningbo Micro Film Festival, released the competition rules

This micro film festival focuses on the co construction of local film and television projects, and introduces Ningbo Nottingham University as the co sponsor.


Head of Department of International Communication, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nottingham University, Ningbo



At the launching ceremony, the Organizing Committee of Ningbo Micro Film Festival signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, to prepare for the establishment of NSFF&UNNC International Short Film Research Center, build a global short film database, and carry out international short film academic research.

4、 Industrialization

During this micro film festival, NSFF competition finalists exhibition, NSFF university tour exhibition, Hangzhou Ningbo double city film exhibition and other theme film exhibitions will be held, so that the outstanding films collected can meet with Ningbo audiences, and the citizens can feel the wonderful charm of micro films; At the same time, a collection activity of "Looking for 100 Public Juries" was held to launch public jury and audience awards, find high-quality audiences, and establish and improve the local "talent pool of film reviews".

In addition, he also specially planned the "NSFF Poster Exhibition of Previous Winning Works". From now on, a 10 day poster exhibition will be held in Nantang Old Street. This poster exhibition selected 42 excellent works from the award-winning and nominated works of the 6th Ningbo Micro Film Festival, divided into 7 parts, namely "Focus on Golden Conch", "Ningbo Expression", "International Vision", "Voice of Women", "Colorful Childhood", "Frontier Mirror" and "Long Live Youth", to pay tribute to the outstanding works and the main creative team. With posters as the media, we can talk with images for a moment.



Publicity Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee

Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism

Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal People's Government

Ningbo Radio and Television Group

Ningbo Micro Film Association

Ningbo Nottingham University


Ningbo Jiaoke Culture Communication Co., Ltd

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