Ningbo Short Film Festival

2023 30°Ningbo Short Film Festival

(formerly known as Ningbo Short Film Festival)

Competition Regulation


Chapter 1 General Rule

1.1 Competition Purpose:

In order to be in line with the international standard, and better fit the international short film competition positioning, “Ningbo Short Film Festival” is officially renamed as “30°Ningbo Short Film Festival”, abbreviated as 30°NSFF.


30°Ningbo Short Film Festival (30°NSFF) will continue to be characterized by “Internationalization, Specialization, Industrialization”, and insist on aiming at “discovering talents and fine works”.


1.2 Competition Period:

The competition starts from 10 August 2023 to 15 September 2023.


1.3 Competition Qualification:

The participants of 30°Ningbo Short Film Festival (30°NSFF) Competition should be the creators who own the copyright of the works or their authorized representatives, regardless of nationality.


1.4 Competition Registration and Fees:

No registration fees will be charged for this competition. You can sign up by the following three official channels:

Channel 1: Follow the WeChat account “wdy0574” and reply “Tou Pian” (投片) for registration information.

Channel 2: Send “Tou Pian” (投片) to this competition’s designated email address for registration information.

Channel 3: Visit the website at for registration information.



Chapter 2 Units and Awards

2.1 Units:

a. Short Film Unit:

This unit is available for global recruiting without restriction to the theme of the short film. The time limit shall not exceed 30 minutes (including the beginning and the ending of the short film). The entries shall be original and in accordance with the requirements listed in “Chapter 1 General Rule--1.3 Competition Qualification”.


The genres include feature short film, documentary short film, experimental short film, and animated short film. The “Best Student Work Award” in Ningbo is specially set to encourage local creation and the growth of the student-led creative teams.


[The Best Student Work Award]

1. The creator should be a student studying in Ningbo. And it is required that the student’s school is within the Ningbo city, with no household registration requirement. If the entry is a joint creation, only one of the core creators need to meet this requirement;

2. The entry must be created during the creator's student period and meet the production period of the entry;

3. The entry theme, the entry length, and the method of submission all refer to the conditions listed in the overall rules of this competition;

4. The contestant must have the complete copyright of the entry, such as co-directed works. Do not accept more than one director to submit separately; such as copyright issues caused by the dispute, the relevant consequences borne by the contestant.


2.2 Awards and Bonus


Chapter 3 Registration Requirement

3.1 Format Requirement:

The resolution of entries shall be above 1080P HD, output from the original film with no additional watermark. The format of entries only can be mp4, mpg, or mov. The code stream do not exceed 30M.


Domestic Short Films shall have both Chinese and English subtitles while International Short Films should have either Chinese or English subtitle or both.


3.2 Work Requirement:

This festival works shall be completed on or after 1st June 2021. All entries are required to be original, novel and creative in theme, ingeniously conceived, positive, and in accordance with Chinese national laws, regulations and copyright requirements. Participants can submit multiple works.


3.3 Additional Materials:

The materials for the [Short Film Unit] include Application Form, Authorization Form, Poster and Advertising Video in high definition (previewed video, shooting sidelight, etc.).


a. The Application Form should be submitted in both PDF version and Word version;

b. The Authorization Form and Copyright Statement shall be completed with handwritten signature and official seal from the unit. They shall be submitted in the form of either scanning copy or electronic picture.

c. Posters and advertising videos are also required. The poster should be submitted in JPG format, with both horizontal and vertical version. The advertising video shall be submitted in the format of either mp4, mpg or mov and the time limit shall not exceed 2 minutes.


Pack the above materials and works in a unified package and send the link to the official email address: (subject attached: type of work + name of work + name of creators + contact information).


3.4 Copyright Information:

Participants must ensure that the music, sound, image, text and other materials used in the work are original or have obtained authorization from the original rights-holder. The recording materials shall obtain the portrait right of the photographed and their permission to be photographed. In case of any legal dispute caused by the entries, the legal liability shall be borne by the participants. In case of copyright or portrait infringement, the Committee has the right to reject relevant entries.


Chapter 4 Supplementary Provisions

Those who sign up for the 2023 30°Ningbo Short Film Festival will be deemed to recognize and accept this regulation. Participants have the obligation to ensure the legality of the film submitted to 30°Ningbo Short Film Festival. The Committee reserves the final interpretation right of this regulation.


Chapter 5 Contact information

Official E-mail Address:

Contact Number: 0574-56116779


WeChat Account: wdy0574


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