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Main team:

Photographer: long zhe screenwriter: Qiu Qi Starring: Zhang Mingjie, Xu Yixing editing: Yang Zihao Music: Guangzhou Philharmonic Girls Chorus

Li Bo, who lost his mother in his early years, is eccentric and has a tense relationship with his father, Li Yougui. The excellent student Mi Xiaoyu found Li Bo's painting specialty, and the two gradually approached. Ruan Zhijian, the teacher, noticed that Ruan had long been dissatisfied with Li Bo who was not disciplined, and urged Mi Xiaoyu to stay away from Li Bo, which further aroused Li Bo's anger. One night, I suddenly wanted to put candles in the old experimental building where I often dated with MI Xiaoyu. I held roses in my hands and looked forward to the arrival of MI Xiaoyu. However, Ruan Zhijian, who was patrolling the campus, appeared. The two men had a physical conflict because of the conflict. Ruan Zhijian was accidentally pushed into the crucible and iron frame by Li Bo. At the same time, Li Bo also found the secret of MI Xiaoyu in the ringing mobile phone.

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