The Second

The Second

The Second

Main team:

Creative team: Director: Liang Wei Photography: Tang Yihong screenwriter: Liang Wei, Gao Yongwang Starring: Qu Aohui, Wang Wei editing: Zhou Yue Music: Yang Jihan

In the virtual future, a postmodern city called Nautilus, the protagonists 2083 and 2084 are two police detectives with totally different personalities. During a mission two and a half years ago, 2083 was shot in the brain and shrapnel oppressed the hippocampus, resulting in his ability to be different from ordinary people. In each mission, some fragmented pictures often flashed in his brain. After recovering from the hospital and returning to the police force, 2083 encountered a bomb maniac with 2084 in a mission. After a fight, he was faced with a life and death choice and emotional struggle, and finally justice defeated evil. However, when he faced the portraits simulated by the details of the cases, 2083 found that these cases seemed to be his own experience...

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