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Director: Li Xiang photographer: Wei Zheng screenwriter: Li Xiang Starring: Liu Peiqing editing: Li Xiang Music: Xu Zhizhi

Story introduction: the word "auspicious" has represented every ordinary people's yearning for a happy life for thousands of years.

Ma Jixiang, the protagonist of this film, is named by his parents in the hope that his life will be auspicious and smooth. However, "life is not as good as it should be." Contrary to his wishes, he married a wife and was unable to bear children. He adopted a son who was born with mental retardation and often made troubles. In Ma Jixiang's eyes, raising a son was a "money loss". He thought that the incense of the old horse family could not be broken. He managed to get enough money to "continue the incense" for the horse family. The adopted son was hit by a car and everything was arranged like fate. How can ma Jixiang choose to face this difficult life problem?

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