I Love M.U.M

I Love M.U.M

Main team:

Director: Liang Dehui photographer: Cai Jingxian screenwriter: Liang Dehui Starring: Zhang Yongzhan, Lai Hongen editing: Qiu meihui Music: Chen Peiyu

      Tang Xin grew up in the family of Xiaokang and zhe Yu grew up in a wealthy family. They are good friends of childhood. They study in national middle school and independent middle school respectively. At the age of 18, Tang Xin graduated with excellent stpm results, but due to his Chinese status, there was no following in applying for the first volunteer of National University, and it was helpless to ask relevant departments for help; zhe Yu was secretly in love with Tang Xin and wanted to go to the local university, but he was unable to enter the National University because of holding a unified examination diploma, and his father insisted on sending him to Taiwan for further education. How do you choose your family, friendship and future study path in Malaysia?

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